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We were surprised how well it works and how much more easy it was to describe yourself with brands than it was to do it with words.Although the site offers a lot of Dutch brands, we guess you get the point. See also: i Religion, Wood of Logo’s, Media sunrise, We are all born in a world.Joost de Vries is trained as an auditor and started his career with KPMG in 1981.In 1996 he became a partner and member of the Management Team International Audit 2000 project at KPMG International in the US.is a (serious) dating site that relies on the identification people have with brands.It replaces characteristics like “sporty”, “spontaneous” and “funny” with brands like “Apple©”, “Starbucks©” and “Camel©”.The company is now fully prepared for a standalone future with an enhanced capital markets profile to support our international growth strategy.We look forward to this next step in our development.” Company description and strategy Lucas Bols is a leading global spirits player with a unique heritage including Bols, the world’s oldest distilled spirits brand, dating back to 1575 in Amsterdam.

Huub van Doorne started his career as a marketer and brand builder with Procter & Gamble.Leading the development of the cocktail market Lucas Bols’ strategy is to strengthen and grow its global brands in the international cocktail market, while maintaining the competitiveness of the regional brands in certain local markets.Regional brands are generally sold in Western Europe and the emerging markets, with a small portion of sales in Asia-Pacific.Over the last years the global brands have shown increasing revenue.THE COLLECTION Kenzo was founded in 1970 when Japanese designer Kenzo Takada opened his boutique Jungle Jap in Paris.

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