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“My privacy, my house, my personal stuff and myself... Action has been selling the Maxxter 3D webcams since May this year and has warned anyone who purchased one to change their pin number to stop hackers accessing their device.

It published a statement on its website, which said: "In response to messages on Facebook and in the media about the possible hacking of a security camera purchased from Action, we would like to inform you that Action takes the security of its customers and the products we sell extremely seriously.

Customers who bought this product, we strongly recommend that you change the default ID password and use a strong wifi password.

They trick the victim into downloading a piece of software on to their computer which is usually done via an email link.

A 16-year-old from London called "John" told investigators he had hacked more than 100 computers - using the webcams to view the victims on about half of them.

"The developers behind RAT software generally describe their products as nothing more than tools which can be used for good and ill," Ars Technica noted.

Stemming the proliferation of RAT tools is an impossibility -- there are too many and "source code is in the wild." But, advises Ars Technica, there are some basic precautions one can take to avoid ratter slavery (which largely boil down to "avoiding dodgy stuff"): Use a solid anti-malware program, keep your operating system updated, and make sure plugins (especially Flash and Java) aren't out of date.

"We are in touch with this customer about this incident.

"In order to investigate the cause and to determine whether it is in camera or something else, the camera concerned is requested so that it can be checked by the supplier thoroughly.

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