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How are organizations striking the balance between new initiatives and cost control?Download our report to learn about the biggest challenges and how savvy IT executives are overcoming them.Once that was all done, I could log in from all my Macs, fire up the applet and establish a secure connection. I made sure that the Safari and Java preferences were set the same on each machine but still no joy.On two of the Macs, as soon as I fired up the Citrix app, the Java vpn window would show 'error'. Then I remembered that I had done some Java development in the past and installed various jdks from Oracle so I ran: That was on the working Mac.[crarko adds: I find I already don't have middle names in any of my Contacts, so I've not seen this.I wonder if something is going on at Apple's end, where the Siri processing gets done.Siri knew who those people were but proclaimed 'Uh oh, I don't have a phone number for Jane Isa Doe." and beneath, there's a message: "Content Not Available." I debugged this for over an hour and on a hunch, found a workaround that seems to work for nearly everyone who has tried it.All you have to do is delete the middle name of the person in *your* contact card where it is stored as a relationship.

That's why I call it a workaround instead of a fix.I figure Apple is mucking around with Siri and perhaps caused a bug or some sort of corruption.I'd be curious to know from Mac OSXHints users whether they are experiencing this problem in the first place and if the workaround works for you, too.When most people think about innovation, they think of companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google because those companies appear to have some kind of magic that other organizations lack.If your company wants to make lightning strike repeatedly, consider these points.

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