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1928 Radio Zagreb's first broadcast outside of Zagreb was aired from the city of Varaždin with "Miss Peotica", by B. A broadcast from Osijek followed, as well as broadcasts from other Croatian towns and regions.At a conference in Lausanne, at the beginning of June, Radio Zagreb became a full member of ITU (the International Telecommunication Union).Aleskander as President and Velimir Stiasny, an engineer, as Vice-President. In April, the first Croatian radio drama "The Fire", by Ivo Šrepel was broadcast by Radio Zagreb.

The concert was broadcast live by Radio Budapest, Czechoslovakian radio stations, Radio Ljubljana, which began broadcasting in 1928, and Radio Belgrade, which began broadcasting in 1929.1934 The radio transmitter from the Upper Town of Zagreb was relocated to the shores of the river Sava, where Radio Zagreb had already erected a new system of antennae and a new building.They traversed the skies over France, England, Italy, the USSR, but were invisible and unattainable to those who had no technical means of bringing them to the TV screen.In the evening of May 15 1956, an image reached Zagreb from Vienna via Graz and Slovenia.The 1950's saw tremendous progress in TV broadcasting, both in Europe and worldwide.One of the veterans of Croatian television vividly described the beginning of television, notably in his hometown of Zagreb , as an "array of pictures whirling in the air above Europe".

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