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Perhaps Greek artists lifted the icons for their own use from their localized contexts: thus the images themselves would have been more powerful to the artists seeking provocative ways to illustrate Greek heroism on vases than were the cultural and religious meanings of these images.

If so, artists may have been prompted to fashion stories of Herakles so as to accommodate in their work the striking images; in this fashion, Herakles’ mythical biography of constituting a string of largely independent exploits would constitute an evolutionary product.

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Specific attention is paid, on the one hand, to the relationship between pedagogic theme and typical categories in the tragic genre (ambiguity and paradox, inversion of roles, the principle of pathei mathos, self-identification, and so on), on the other hand to intertextuality, which has highlighted several references to the “cultural encyclopaedia” shared by the fifth Century B. Athenian public, from archaic poetry to the new ethical-pedagogic theories of contemporary philosophy.Vase-painting possessed this influence upon Herakles’ dramatic characterization because of the role that the “perspectivalism” of late sixth-century vase-painting had in shaping the early organization of theatrical drama.The history of Herakles’ legacy of interactions with animals suggests a kind of principle of “magnetic attraction” between the two that possesses antecedents many millennia before Greek Classicism in tribal roles of an “Animal Tamer,” as Walter Burkert has famously discussed.1 Historical record preserves that early Near Eastern cylinder seals display male figures engaged in activities with animal-monsters that are distinctly similar to those encountered by Greek Herakles.2 Though the historical transactions of this borrowing are shrouded in mist,3 we do not know whether the entry of these images into Greek art was part of broader Near Eastern infusions, such as the passing of the cults and narrative myths of the featured figures on the seals.This contribution takes up the issue of Herakles’ animal associations in Greek satyr drama and comedy and constructs an argument with three claims.(1) While Herakles possess a plethora of narrative attributes, a driving dynamic for his overall popularity and relevance lies in his capacities to be visually represented.

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