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I loved the acting, plot, and chemistry between the mains. Story: 10/10 Actors: 10/10 OST: 10/10 Watch it again and again. Understandable, but they really missed the great drama and adorable Gun. i dont no why you guys are comparing it with (the heirs ) they are different this drama is for the elder people more than teens and the heirs are more for the teens even though there is a similarity about the heir and the son of the chairman , they're still quite different and for me i prefer the heirs i would watch it over and over again but this one i will never repeat it . Just finished it today and can't wait to repeat watching it. I don't remember any drama that makes me cry for almost every episode. Just finish watched all the episode, it's was the best K-drama for me so far, compare to the heirs, prime minister and I, etc.. HWAITING The original was "a ok", too contemporary to it's own script. although it is also sad that this GREAT drama is about to end, hope Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk oppa will star in another drama again. One of my favorite of all time I really really love this drama, I enjoyed a lot.. Excitement and felt butterfly in my stomach re Ally..!!! ---- Example : a simple act of sitting next to his wife ...

This drama made me fall in love with Jang Hyuk; his crazy laugh, his charisma, his deep-low voice, everything! I love the chemistry of Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk too bad they didn't end together in real life. ..daniel ra...n hamo hamo couple...forget...first at all bcoz from hamo hamo couple ok.geun n kim min young to fated together... since TSSOBG drama...2002..20 years I very love all of ost this drama.bye my love..girl..n bla bla(forgot) Very good and unique plot, amazing actors especially Jang Hyk, his chemistry with Jang Nara is palpable. Jang Hyuk was one of the actor that you didn't expect to be in comedic role. It is so much better than the heirs love both jang nara & Bali. Choi Jin-Hyuk also performing a great Oppa ^ ^ cute and understanding... And all other characters are doing so great in this drama... Thanks to MBC'S for creating the best drama of the year. I am sure that everyone who watched this drama was happy, sad, and fell in love with the characters. Congratulation to all that was involved in this drama. Jang Hyuk & Na Ra brought the writers creative writing to a life pulsing reality, I was 100% into the characters. What a great drama from acting, writing, directing I like it so much especially Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra tandem they're so amazing. This is one of my few favorite k-dramas :) would love to see them together in another rom-com drama Superb acting by Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara. Cannot take off my eyes on the screen whenever they're on together.

However, when human is in too much of pain, revenge is the only thing that they can think of to ease their pain. If so, may her pai This story was about Song jihyo as a teacher and Kai as a student.. They were staying in Seoul..their difference of age was 7 years..because of kai's parents had to went to work when kai was little , jihyo was the one who is always took care of him like her own dongsaeng..a More than over three decades Shinigamis had been lostly searching for the Crystal of Life which is described to be an object that is the source of living for the other side of the world including the four clans: Tengu, Kitsune, Inugami and Bakeneko. Shinigami are devoted as the protectors of those four clans.

When that crush feeling became strong and stronger.

This especially features Kim Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo) from Ex Girlfriend's Club and Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk) from The Heirs.

What will happen when they have to work together, to make sure they achieve their goal. Tags 2am 2pm fluff heechul imseulong jaejoong jyj kimjongkook nichkhun oneshot runningman songjoongki superjunior wooyoung zea danielhenney jungilwoo kimdongjun mondaycouple kanggary songjihyo haha leedongwook spartace joinsung afrozenflower bts dosangwoo kimwoobin genderswap hongjonghyun leekwangsoo sungsikyung imjuhwan choijinhyuk suga hanbin 5urprise choitaejoon nflying kwangjin leepilmo emergencycouple gongmyung ikon shownu parkbogum monstax exgirlfriendclub shimhyungtak Heirs rewrite.

hahaha..drama that i watched repeatedly before ftly was addicted to this every night.. The Taiwanese version was really good but this version is just phenomenal. v=e2Jr X-Pyz1g Love this drama from episode one to episode 20. i can't believe that this drama has ended already..:( i'll definitely miss the jang hyuk-jang na ra couple!! do you agree that advertisement and famous cast effects the drama's popularity????

Gossip Girl makes her appearance from Chapter 19 - the first chapters are to set the scene for the story. Plot: After being kidnapped, Daijon and the others are to deal of making new recipe Choi Jin-hyuk stood up, and leaned in close to Son Ji Hyo’s face. It’s not only scary to the one that be revenged but also to the one that takes revenge. I freakin love this drama to death I'm so upset that I just discovered it about a week ago. So now, I have two favorite dramas : D (If anyone is wondering about my other one, it's "Kill me, Heal me"). just finished watching this drama and it was one of the best and highly recommended for romantic comedy drama. I want watch more again n again...sweet couple wif chemistry...beautiful drama..of actors on drama.. This FTLY show that K-drama can show the finished story of the character, surely I'm very satisfied from FLTY, they make me laugh so hard, and cry at the same time.. A colorful taste drama which is funny, touching and romantic. Awesome drama series with Rewriter, Director, Actors, Actresses, .. So Miyoung will cherish that moment on a very special sacred day once again she’ll say “I do”! Longing to watch episode 15 of course followed by episode sweet 16… The setting so uplifting and definitely entertaining! Their phenomenal acting and chemistry saved it from being a mediocre drama. I think it would have been one of the best kdrama rom-coms ever if it weren't for the second half where the story went around in circles. It occurred & drawn to our attention with provoking questions! 3rd – Will these two gorgeous gents, Gun & Daniel propose or declare and pronounce, the 3 magic words – “I Love you” to a precious gem Minyoung? The acting is done beautifully and each episode just seemed better than the last. To me.made the drama more unique in it's own category. Only you will laugh too...congratulations to script writer, very nice drama.... of course Jang Hyuk is Amazing - he's always great - but , he managed to impress me even more ! he has added so much Freshness and Humor to his role .... and it was not necessary in this scene , but the Amazing actor that he is , never breaks out of character and kept that angst inside him all along .... This drama made it to my top dramas,(which I only had one out of the millions I've watched lol). My mom hate him at first and then say she likes him so much lol. I really like the story from start to end, especially how the couple (kim and gunn) became together in mid-end episode and struggle for their love, different with typical Other K-drama which only end with separate each others and ended up with (only) hugging and bammm "finished".. I am agreed with Jan that Korean drama's Fated to love you was so much better original one. Admiringly, brilliantly the ultimate romantic comedy! Not too shabby but originally filmed made authentically! I started watching this to just pass some time while waiting for the episodes of a drama to come out but I didn't know I was going to fall completely in love with the characters. Could be much funnier when there’s a lot of laughter! This drama has that little corny stuff in it, that made people squirm in some situation. They really have a good chemistry, they are very good actors and actress especially jang hyuk with the laugh. but just w/ leaning his neck as he bends to sit and the tenderness in his eyes , he managed to express all the longing and affection that he is forced to suppress and hide behind a smile.... I mean he just came and sat next to her and managed to express how much he is yearning to have her , to keep her , to tell her the truth but is forced to lie and pretend he's cool and smile .... His eyes, his funny and silly personality, I like everything about him.I like him for real but not good enough to express my feelings.

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