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We had tractor-themed school spirit days and corn fields just down the road from our high school.I had a few friends, but largely didn’t connect with my peers.This state of social disarray transcended graduation and held steady until the end of college, which is when I realized how isolated I’d become.I’d made a few friends there, but many did not stick.But it only takes two people’s intentionality to start a chain reaction. Jordan introduced us all to Amber, and a slew of engineer guy friends (one of which was her boyfriend). I honestly didn’t know what real friend-based support looked like, but my friends continue to blow me away. My friends pulled me out of it by surprising me with a fully organized dinner.About a month later, I met my friend Katie at a mixer. A couple months ago, for example, I turned in edits for the book I was writing, which was like being in an echo chamber with my thoughts for weeks, questioning myself the whole way (fun! They made me a card and put my book cover on a cake.(It hadn’t happened before, hasn’t happened since.) I’m glad Steph didn’t play it cool, either. Follow up on “soft” happy hour invites by similarly unsure people.And after that, I’m glad we tried, hard, to make friends, because we did make some of the best friends. Chase people who carry the kind of energy you want to be around.

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I felt oddly hopeful, despite the peripheral ache I was trying to tune out, and decided that, yes, I would meet that random girl from the internet.

I let her listen to the lengthy apology voicemail my ex had left one week prior. What I’ve noticed about our culture is the need for intentionality in absolutely everything.

A good date often won’t lead to another if you don’t follow up and express interest.

Proximity friends from high school had dissipated, naturally; when you don’t have much in common, those bonds don’t remain.

I’d lost my long-time best friend to a fight that proved we were two very different people, another good friend to a cross-country move (we didn’t stay in touch), and yet another to the good ol’ engagement-and- scenario. I became close with someone from my creative writing class senior year and, although we have remained close, I felt like an imposter among her group of business-type friends (and she eventually moved, too).

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