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By conducting extensive analyses of data on children’s games, sports, entertainment, and interactions, her research team found plenty of evidence for sexual curiosity and budding awareness of sex—expressed directly in games and jump rope rhymes. • Openly shares observations of sexuality with parents and peers.

While your children may not be as blunt in asking about “private” things at age 6, don’t think their curiosity is on hiatus. With primary school kids, parents should NOT: • Avoid discussions about sex.

My hangout was a public chat called Hollywood Tonight, and once the membership became solid, it evolved and moved into the Hollywood Cafe, a place hidden away in a mostly forgotten area of AOL, which meant that it wasn’t really monitored by the AOL police and that you pretty much had to know where it was to find it. The “HC” was a den of thieves and Cheers all at once- celebrities, producers, agents, writers, directors, crew and wannabes- all hanging out at the wee hours of the morning talking about pretty much everything under the sun, but most especially movies and the biz.

And, when you entered (assuming you’d already gone through the ritual verbal hazing for a month or two), a bunch of people knew your name.

They could not see the value in a community of people all congregating in large groups, at the same time, nearly every single night of the week, but especially on weekends and during big industry nights (the Oscar night chats were incredible, especially when it wasn’t uncommon for someone we knew to be there.).

It would take another ten years before corporations like AOL would see the value (on their terms, which means collecting information on users) of social networking at its best.

Talk about their satisfaction in their friendships and how they may improve their relationships with others.

And, there was even a real world meet up at an LA bar where everyone could actually meet the people they’ve known only through a bemusing screen name. In the end, it was destroyed by the elements that destroy most communities- a deadly combination of outside forces and inside acrimony.

Whilst the members of our little community devolved into clique fighting and petty arguments, the little virtual bar we called the Cafe was under assault by the corporation that was AOL. (The chat room was part of the Hollywood Online area, and it was dismantled when AOL acquired Moviefone.) For awhile we moved into a private chat, but the member limit was too low, and only allowed 30 members at a time, when it wasn’t uncommon for a daily chat to flow to over 50 and the active members on “the dork list” numbered easily over 100.

This theory of “latency” is still accepted by many parents, possibly because it puts their minds at ease.

It took Freud’s daughter, Anna Freud, to prove that her father’s theory was not entirely accurate.

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