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I want you to go home knowing that I’ll do everything I can to protect the company and you in the clinches. Don’t go through this alone and don’t rely on me when I have a whole company to protect.” “Will you give him a ton of money? “I know you don’t see this now, but you’re going to survive this. But despite her better judgment she tried to contact him. Since Jill had not been trying to set up a sting, her evidence against Kurt was just not there.

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There were only fifteen employees in Corporate Communications; she could guess exactly who the women were.When Jillian finds Colin at his easel in her yard, there’s an instant connection. Conroy alleges that you are the guilty party, Jillian.” “What? He was the seducer; possibly all his comments were verbal. “Harry, he said flirtatious and seductive things to me, but the difference is, he might have always said them!But both are holding romance at arm’s length—looking to simplify, not complicate, their lives. No one arrives in Virgin River without a story, and no one leaves—if they ever do—unchanged. Jillian Matlock was a natural in the business world; it had become typical for her to anticipate surprises and challenges. As if to drive the point home that she could be thoroughly conned, Jillian wondered only briefly why Kurt Conroy didn’t show up for work. I was never afraid to send an email or text like this — I trusted him.” She shook her head. You’d think in months of dating there would be a lot more, wouldn’t you? I’ll have to go through my records of emails and texts, but surely I’ll find what I need to reveal that he was his sexy, flirtatious self and I responded because I believed we were a couple!While she made more and more money from BSS, her planner made more and more in other investments. There’s also nothing preventing you from making a change. It was Jillian who was the PR guru, who brought the spin on the company’s viability to the Board, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the brokers, the public. “Kurt better never try to have a meal in my restaurant,” Kelly said hatefully. “He’s figured everything else out.” “I’m just saying… A whole bunch of software and dot com corporations sputtered out, but yours did great. You can go just about anywhere you—” Jillian’s voice was so soft Kelly barely heard it.The money hadn’t mattered to her as much as the job. It was Jill who scrambled and took all Harry’s hard work and vision to the finish line with him. I know how to make it look like an accident…” “Shush, for all I know he’s recording my phone! “And now, having realized that’s actually a possibility, you have to let him live.” “Bummer,” Kelly said. “But I’m still too wounded.” Kelly was silent for a moment.

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