Late ovulation and pregnancy dating

Thanks, Hi Kaylee - I am sorry but I do not know where you can go for help in the U. Are you able to talk to a doctor or health worker confidentially?They should know where the organisations are that may be able to help you.Like it is - Teenage Pregnancy Discovering you are pregnant can be a scary experience and forces you to make a very adult decision.The important thing to remember is you're not alone - help is available.You can contact many of the pregnancy help organisations for information and support Monday 20th June Hi, my name is Charlotte Knight and I am currently studying Childstudies as one of my year 12 subjects.For an investigative assignment I have chosen to research the impact that teenage pregnancy can have on a teenagers life.

If you have any information about teenage pregnancyor any statistics, that be mostly appreciated.

Sorry for the delay in replying I just haven't had time in the last week or two due to a deadline writing a book.

I'll answer Malisha to Eliza's questions in one post.

This section is to help young women deal with a pregnancy.

However, if you feel that your situation is urgent then I advise you to call either the Kids Help Line (phone 1800 551 800) or Lifeline (phone 131 114).

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