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Because like all INFJs, Annie didn’t want to admit that she wants things she might not get.

But in the time that I’ve known Annie, she’s achieved those very hard things very quickly. Annie not only takes advice well, but she’s been writing down all the INFJ advice Melissa gives her and making lists to keep track of it. I like to think that living with my family was the best gift I ever gave to her, but in fact, the INTJ group is the best gift.

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But actually we spend a lot of time being judgy about the INFJs for being so judgy.So now I’m going to do something special that I’ve never done before: I’m going to create an ongoing group. Melissa was the person who had to turn off her mic in the first INFJ course so she wouldn’t offend people, and now she’s the person giving Annie all the guidance and support she needs to find a spouse in time to have kids.After this course is over, we’ll continue to meet — online — every other week for six sessions to discuss issues. Melissa and I are NTs and it’s hard to make an NT a better person; we are not really people who want to be better people. ” The person answered, “I’m an INTJ and I’m old.” I said, “You’re an INFJ.An INTJ wouldn’t summarize their age like that.” She told me about her divorce.

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