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Hiller officials -- by that time, the company had become part of Fairchild -- had found the first competition a very disagreeable exercise and refused to participate in the second round, even though the odds were good that they would win.

The Jet Ranger was powered by a single Allison 250-C18A turboshaft engine with 236 k W (317 SHP), the Allison 250 being a commercial version of the T63.

The usual reaction to the appearance of the OH-4A was that it was , and while appearance didn't matter too much to the military, style was definitely a consideration for civil sales.

A prototype of the resulting "Model 206A Jet Ranger" -- the name reflecting Bell's popular Model 47J Ranger piston-powered helicopter -- took to the air for the first time on 10 January 1966.

A dozen companies submitted proposals, with Bell offering the "OH-4A", Hiller the "OH-5A", and Hughes the "OH-6A".

The Army ordered five prototypes of each, all to be powered by a single Allison T63 turboshaft engine.

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