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Polish director Michal Marczak has the good sense to let these colorful neo-hippies mainly speak for themselves, and strikes gold when an actual trip to Amazonia doesn’t quite yield the expected visions of ecological ecstasy.” ( #Colectiva Silver Screen proposes a series of feature and documentary film screenings with dystopian, anarchist, activist, trangressive and other various underground culture related themes, ranging from the culture’s onset until the present day.

Artwork: Alexandra Mocan “Shot on film and video, in color and in black and white, Killers serves as a compendium of visual styles from documentary crude to MTV flash.

De la înființarea Adăpostului în 2012 și până în prezent Asociația a reușit să dea spre adopție 380 de câini, să sterilizeze peste 700 și îngrijește în prezent peste 500 de caîni. Dacă vrei să contribui la ajutorul acestor suflete cu ochi umezi poți să o faci și așa: Dacă poți să ajuti, ajută! Eveniment susținut de Colectiva Gazette, Gazette, Planet Chen și Evenimente in Cluj. Pentru că e și mai mare decât primul, îmbină lectura cu gimnastica, într-un exercițiu scurt de decuplare temporară de la tehnologie.

being influenced by artists like Burial, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, Jon Hopkins.Given half a chance, toxoplasma gondii will live in humans too.Left unnoticed, it can change the way our brain works, causing OCD and schizophrenia, controlling who we think we are.In Berlin, says Ewan Pearson, a DJ and producer from London, somebody could bang a wooden spoon on a saucepan- as long as you did it in time, nobody would go home. Still, it’s staggering to consider just how many traditions Eiichi Yamamoto’s 1973 anime film attempts to play with in its 93-minute runtime.With a smile he advises his friends: “Don’t forget to go home! Loosely based on the French tale of Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) but also drawing influence from the Summer of Love, Japan’s women’s liberation movement, and historical accounts of witchcraft (as depicted in Jules Michelet’s 1862 book Satanism and Witchcraft), Belladonna of Sadness is a delirious hodgepodge of ideas that lands somewhere between Faustian fantasy and feminist screed.

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