Gambar pelajar bogel sabah tersebar di wechat

Sertai SASA untuk menjangkau lebih ramai pembaca blog anda. Have you ever heard of a place name Malubang before?

A stone which is resembled to a ship that local peoples believed belonged to Nakhoda supirak but then turned into stone after being cursed by his mother. The Telaga Air tawar – Below is one of the three wells that can be found in the sea of Malubang and the water remains tasteless even though the area are being covered by water whenever high tide. MIRI - Ramai orang mengadu masalah untuk membuat pasport dan juga masalah mendapatkan pasport baru dan juga lain-lain hal yang berkaitan akibat kesesakan orang ramai yang sentiasa penuh hampir setiap hari di Jabatan Imigresen Miri.

cannot be signed by the officer on duty that is not available or out of the area had to wait another day to be processed.1.

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Tambahkan pegawai bertugas untuk melicinkan segala urusan yang berkaitan supaya orang ramai tidak menunggu terlalu lama.2.

In inquiry section, the duty officer should be able to explain very well the ways to fill in the form properly, do not just casually caused people be doubtful and commute back there again.

Time to call the people name on any matter should be using the loud speakers, do not shout because sometimes there is just too noisy cause somebody calling less clear.5.

On the retrenchment of the 800 workers, Chong said the company should have notified the employees months before the closing down so that they could be prepared for this.‘Details of closure kept secret’“Apparently the details of the closure were kept secret and were only made known a few days before the retrenchments began.“This is absolutely unreasonable and unacceptable,” he said.“This should not be the practice of a foreign company based in Sarawak, leaving the local employees high and dry.

This should be a lesson to the state government.“When attracting direct investment to Sarawak, the government should not just concentrate on statistics that foreign investors provide.

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