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It would seem that the intended destination was truly Antonina, at the end of the bay which has Paranagua at its mouth. Bill invites your assistance if you can translate Portuguese! This listing was made possible thanks to Niels Hald-Andersen of Denmark, who advises that the vessel was initially owned by U.

of So Francisco & SW of Rio de Janeiro), while en route from Lisbon, Portugal to Paranagua (Paranagu), with a cargo of salt. Bill Swift notes that an account of the vessel's wreck, written by David Jones, her captain, is held by the Australian National Maritime Museum, but has not get been digitised.

Lloyd's Register of 1882/83 notes that the vessel had been wrecked. I say that because i) MNL of 1876 states that Henderson was of Middle Dock, South Shields, ii) the vessel in 1873 was insured in the name of Middle, & iii) detail from the Official Inquiry as follows below. long, signal letters JWPB, 177 HP engines by Blair & Co. LR of 1879/80 notes that the vessel had been 'Abandoned'. The vessel continued on her course which required her to cross the Bay of Biscay. long, signal letters JPSR, 99 HP engines by George Clark of Sunderland. 23, 1878, Galeed, en route from Riga, Latvia, to London with a cargo of grain, stranded 5 miles N. As per this article (in blue) from Nautical Magazine. We thank Alan Craxford for this newspaper cutting from the Shields Daily Gazette of Mar. Alan advises that John Ridley Nesworthy, aged about 24, a member of Alan's family, served aboard the vessel as a fireman when it went missing while en route from Gothenburg to the Thames carrying a cargo of iron, under the command of W. It seems likely that the cargo was not loaded aboard the ship in a safe manner. 27, 1883, off Port Eynon Point, Glamorgan, 15 miles from Swansea, with the loss of its entire crew of 17. Corrections in any of the material which follows, however tiny, would be most welcome. So far as I can see, this vessel was never recorded in Lloyd's Register. - 876 of 862 To search for specific text on this page, just press 'CTRL F' & then enter your search term. Such ownership & name change must have taken place much earlier than 1887/88. 22, 1882, the vessel left Adelaide for Apia (Navigators' Islands, now Samoa, South Pacific) en route, presumably, to Hamburg. Note that states that the vessel was rather lost at an unknown date in 1890. Niels further advises that in May 1889 the vessel went missing while en route from Esmeralda to Hamburg, with the loss of all hands. There seems to be places named Esmeralda in both Chile & in Cuba.

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