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JP domains to other registrars will require residence in Japan and inkanshoumeisho will need to be provided.) have a company in Japan but are planning to set up a company within 6 months (in Japan), we offer .

JP 6-month protection allows you to fully utilize a . JP domain (including updating DNS records and nameservers) a company registered in Japan; however, a company will be required within 6 months.

JP domain registrations, please feel free to contact us if you require assistance or advice on . (Click here for details.) Hosting in Japan Fast, efficient servers located in Osaka, Japan with space from 1GB to 80GB based on the CPANEL platform.

The toukibotouhon may be obtained where you registered your company. Once your company in Japan is set up, please send us your company document (toukibotouhon) by email or fax and the expiry date will extend for another 6 months (total 1 year). IDN domains also require an IDN capable browser to view the domain name. For more information, please visit: IDN domains require at least one Japanese character in the domain name (hiragana, katakana or kanji). DNS records, domain forwarding, domain masking and setting private nameservers can be performed via our control panel. JP domains incoming and outgoing may be performed at any time. a large proportion used specific types marry outside of.Meet guys and with other Accra in Native American your true love.

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