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All great qualities in a person and human being and I wish I had gotten to know him even better than that! Some of the best years of my life were spent working at the recycling center. He will be missed in so many ways, he was always generous, giving and a great friend. Gary will be missed for his smile, gentle behavior and kindness. Gary was always out there clearing snow for those who couldn't, helping neighborhood strays, talking and laughing with those on the block, offering my family free pizza, helping police, helping the civic assoc etc. Prayers to Alicia and your families Alicia, Aunt Grace, Uncle George, & Patti, I am so sad to hear of Gary’s passing. I wish we could be there with you through this tough time. Condolences, Kerri, Ray, Cameron & Giovanna xoxo I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of Gary. Words cannot express my sadness and the feeling I am going through.Despite a tough childhood, he excelled at All Hallows', one of the top high schools in the City, where he was even elected Class President.After high school, it was off to the Army, where he rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant.He rarely complained and my sister provided the same level of care to him, as he once provided Mom. Of course other family members also provided love and support.We want you to know that we appreciate your support and how much you all loved this great man.

He even retired early to be with her each moment of her final journey.

Jeanette I am so grateful for all the memories I have with you; playing golf, dinners, weddings, unfortunately funerals too.

You have always been an icon of strength and resilience throughout your life and I have always admired your optimism and your "Peter Pan" outlook of growing older.

He unfortunately suffered till he couldn't anymore. Looking over his comments and posts, his sense of humor, love of family and faith of God is evident and that is a blessing for all to remember. The adjective "great" is probably over- used, as people throw it around to describe their favorite athlete or TV show or breakfast cereal.

I want to tell you about what made my father so great. His mother passed away when he was a young boy and he bounced around between a Boys Home and foster care, never feeling parental love.

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