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The share of 18- to 24-year-olds who report having used online dating has nearly tripled in the last two years.

Today 27% of these young adults report that they have done so, up from just 10% in early 2013.

And, just as importantly, what are you looking for?

Is it rampant sex and that hypnotic rush - who cares if it all blows over?

First off, don’t ignore what’s staring you in the face.

We often miss opportunities for love because the person in front of us has maybe always been "just a friend". Taking a good look around and maybe then taking a chance on getting to know someone a bit better can reap handsome rewards.

Communication is key, as well as being prepared to take a risk on something new: knowing that although it might not be exactly what you want, you’re both prepared to share enough with each other to see if things can get better.

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It’ll be easier to attract a happy, confident partner if you are happy and confident in yourself, so give your self-esteem a little attention if it’s on the low side.If you’re currently with someone and not feeling hopeful about things, it may be an idea to explain exactly how you feel and what you think might need to change.It’s often the case that when we’re unhappy in a relationship it comes as quite a surprise to find that our partner is equally unhappy.But if you feel that the end is nigh, then being clear with a partner is usually a very good idea, unless of course you’re fearful of the consequences of taking that step in which case you should seek professional help to keep safe.Let’s imagine that you’ve moved on and feel ready to fall in love.

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